INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine - Glycerin Free

Description: Glycerin-Free Sultaine

CAS: 68139-30-0


NGO Certifications

  • USDA Biopreferred Product
  • Whole Foods Market® Eco-Scale™ ingredient
  • Whole Foods Market® Premium Body Care™ ingredient

Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine – Glycerin Free​. Cola®Teric CBS-HP is a glycerin-free amphoteric surfactant in the sultaine class. Cola®Teric CBS-HP exhibits outstanding surface activity, wetting, foaming, and compatibility in a wide variety of applications. Due to its amphoteric nature, Cola®Teric CBS-HP is compatible with cationic, anionic, and nonionic surfactants. The compatibility and stability of formulations containing Cola®Teric CBS-HP are maintained over a broad pH range.

In industrial applications, Cola®Teric CBS-HP is compatible and stable in systems containing acids, alkali, electrolytes and detergent builders. Cola®Teric CBS-HP has excellent lime soap dispersing properties. Cola®Teric CBS-HP is a mild detergent that will help stabilize foam and build viscosity.

Cola®Teric CBS-HP is free of processing aids and preservatives, allowing greater formulator flexibility for all type of cleansing formulations. Cola®Teric CBS-HP also displays greater hydrotroping properties than Betaines to deliver extra clarity in household and personal care formulas.


More natural raw materials are used in the manufacture of Cola®Teric cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine than other leading brands. For formulators interested in making their product more eco-friendly, Cola®Teric sultaines offer greener and more sustainable characteristics.


  • High foaming amphoteric surfactant derived from fatty acids
  • Mild on skin and eyes
  • High electrolyte tolerance
  • Compatible with a broad surfactant range
  • Develops higher viscosity than the triglyceride-based Cola®Teric CBS
  • No preservatives