Description: Carboxylic Acid Amine Mixture

Regulatory: US (TSCA); Canada (DSL)

Cola®Cor 298 is a low-foaming, optimized blend of amine carboxylates primarily developed for ferrous metals. It is water soluble and suitable for synthetic, semi-synthetic and soluble oil metalworking formulations such as machining coolants, threading, tapping, cutting, and grinding fluids.

Cola®Cor 298 is primarily used for ferrous metals, but not aggressive to non-ferrous. It provides excellent protection from flash rusting and is hard water stable at over 500 ppm.

Cola®Cor 298 contains no phosphorous or DEA.


  • Low foaming
  • Good for ferrous but non-aggressive toward Al
  • Excellent protection from flash rusting
  • Hard water stable – over 500 ppm


  • Metalworking
  • Synthetic
  • Semi-synthetic
  • Soluble oil
  • General Machining
  • Machining Coolants
  • Cutting
  • Grinding Fluids
  • Threading
  • Tapping
  • Metal Cleaning
  • Metal surface pretreatment