Description: Water-soluble, low foam corrosion inhibitor for non ferrous

Regulatory: US (TSCA), Canada (NDSL), Australia (AICS), New Zealand (NZIoC), China (IECSC), Korea (ECL)

Cola®Cor 400 is a water-soluble amine carboxylate corrosion inhibitor designed for use in various metalworking, detergent and aerosol applications. Aqueous solutions are very low foaming and will provide effective corrosion protection at recommended use concentrations. The performance properties of Cola®Cor 400 are not affected by water hardness, and aqueous films dry down to non-tacky residues. Cola®Cor 400 demonstrates more potent corrosion inhibiting properties than traditionally used carboxylic types. Cola®Cor 400 is currently being used successfully in low foam, alkaline spray washes for rust protection, as well as, for improved wetting/rinsibility at 0.1% – 0.3% active.