Description: DEA-free Fatty Acid DIPA Alkanolamide

Regulatory: USA (TSCA); Canada (NDSL)

Cola®Cor 635 is a DEA-free fatty acid alkanolamide that can be used as a corrosion inhibitor, lubricant, and secondary emulsifier for aqueous metalworking fluids. Cola®Cor 635 can be substituted for typical DEA-containing products used in synthetic and semi-synthetic systems. At use levels of 3-20%, Cola®Cor 635 offers superior corrosion protection and lubrication properties and can be combined with other anionic surfactants to create low-foaming systems. For emulsifiable oils, Cola®Cor 635 can be used to increase emulsion stability, corrosion protection, hard water stability, and storage life.


  • Multi-functional - emulsifier, lubrication, corrosion inhibition
  • Synthetic and semi-synthetic systems