Description: Modified Imidazoline

Regulatory: US (TSCA), EU (EINECS), Canada (DSL), Australia (AICS), New Zealand (NZIoC), Japan (ENCS), China (IECSC)

Cola®Cor CIC is a unique, modified imidazoline that provides outstanding corrosion inhibition properties at low concentrations in greases and
oil-based lubricants. Cola®Cor CIC markedly improves the water resistance of greases, while having no detrimental effects on other grease properties.

Cola®Cor CIC provides excellent corrosion inhibition and functions as an emulsion stabilizer in soluble oil formulations.

Solubilities @ 10% Concentration:
Water – Insoluble
Alcohol – Soluble
Mineral Oil – Soluble
Mineral Spirits – Soluble
Natural Oil & Fats – Soluble