Description: Octylamine Oxide

CAS: 2605-78-9

Regulatory: TSCA (US), DSL (Canada), IECSC (China), ECL (Korea), PICCS (Philippines), NZIoC (New Zealand)

Cola®Lux C-8 is an octyldimethylamine oxide from a narrow cut amine, that provides good wetting and very low foaming characteristics. It is compatible with cost surfactants and because there are no amide or ester groups in its chemical structure, Cola®Lux C-8 will not hydrolyze in acid formulations.
Cola®Lux C-8 is also stable in highly alkaline and strong electrolyte systems. Cola®Lux C-8 is also uselful in hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite formulations, providing increased strike for better performance.


  • Controlled Foaming
  • Excellent hydrotrope effect
  • Hypochlorite stable
  • Superior coupler
  • Compatible with other surfactants