INCI: Lauramide DEA

Description: Liquid Lauramide DEA

CAS: 120-40-1

Regulatory: TSCA (US), Canada (DSL), Australia (AICS), Philippines (PICCS), China (IECSC), New Zealand (NZIoC)  

NGO Certifications

  • Whole Foods Market® Eco-Scale™ ingredient

Cola®Mid AL is a premium, 100% active, liquid “super” amide. Cola®Mid AL is highly recommended for use in all types of shampoos, cleansers, bubble baths and liquid detergent formulations where quality performance, extreme mildness and maximum ease of handling are required. It is an outstanding solubilizer and coupler for essential oils and other additives, and offers excellent stability in systems ranging from pH 4 to 11.


  • Facial cleansers
  • Household liquid detergents
  • Shampoos and bubble baths
  • Body Cleansers
  • Shower gels


  • 100% active liquid
  • Excellent detergent
  • Outstanding solubilizer
  • Non-irritating
  • Superior flash foamer
  • Light color/odor