Description: Non-ionic Emulsifier for Drying in Transportation Cleaning

Regulatory: US (TSCA); Canada (DSL); Australia (AICS); Philippines (PICCS); China (IECSC); New Zealand (NZIoC)

Cola®Mulse CS205 is a non-ionic emulsifier designed to enhance water sheeting and aid drying in rinse aid formulations. Cola®Mulse CS205 may be used as a co-emulsifier with dicocoquat emulsifiers.


  • Compatible with quat emulsifiers
  • Enhances water sheeting
  • Increased freeze thaw properties
  • Provides stable micro emulsions
  • Decreases cost of use of other Cola®Mulse series products
  • Anti-static agent


  • Co-emulsifier in car wash drying agents to improve water sheeting and reduce spotting
  • Emulsifier for d-Limonene and other fragrances
  • Industrial degreasing
  • Textile processing