Description: Modified Cationic Emulsifier for Concentrated Drying Agents

Regulatory: TSCA (US), DSL (Canada), AICS (Australia), IECSC (China)

Cola®Mulse CS450 is a non-flammable cationic emulsifier designed to create microemulsions of mineral seal oil and other hydrophobes in water. The combination of this powerful cationic surfactant with the mineral seal oil makes very effective drying agents for automatic car wash systems to remove water with balanced beading and sheeting actions.


  • Balanced beading and sheeting for spot-free drying
  • Substantive to surface
  • Minimizes spotting and streaking
  • Non-flammable – more convenient for storage and shipping
  • Easy blending with minimum viscosity variations
  • Improved formulation flexibility with different hydrophobes/solvents
  • Creates ultra-high concentrate to reduce shipping and storage costs
  • Promotes high shine and durable protection
  • No thickening or gelling during dilution
  • Reduces smearing on windshield