Description: Surfactant Blend for Water-Based Degreasers

Regulatory: TSCA (US); NDSL (Canada); IECSC (China)

Cola®Terge 102 is a high performance blend of surfactants designed for use in water-based degreasing and hard surface cleaning applications. It is a fast wetter for penetrating soils and surfaces and a powerful emulsifier while holding soils in suspension. Cola®Terge 102 is suitable for use in alkaline, acidic and general purpose cleaners. The simple combination of Cola®Terge 102 with or without builders makes an excellent water based degreaser.


  • Excellent penetration and wetting agent
  • Powerful degreasing and emulsification
  • Reduced corrosivity to metal surfaces, no chloride quat present


  • Transportation cleaning
  • Soak tanks for parts / metal cleaning
  • High-pressure spray systems
  • Hard surface cleaning