INCI: Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate

Description: Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate

CAS: 68650-39-5

Regulatory: USA (TSCA); EU (REACH); Canada (DSL); Australia (AICS); Philippines (PICCS); Korea (ECL); New Zealand (NZIoC); China (IECSC)

NGO Certifications

  • Whole Foods Market® Premium Body Care™ ingredient

Cola®Teric 2C-LV is a coco imidazoline-derived dicarboxylic acid amphoteric. Cola®Teric 2C-LV is a low viscosity process modification of Cola®Teric 2C that allows for handling without the need for heat and permits cold mix formulations – and easier to empty from containers. It is more versatile and tolerant of other additives permitting greater formulation latitude.
Cola®Teric 2C-LV is one of mildest amphoteric surfactants of its class, provides a moderate lather and cleans without removing dermal lipids from the skin to give a rich, conditioning effect. It is stable over a wide pH range and useful for institutional cleaners.


  • Counter-irritants for harsh surfactants
  • Excellent flash foam and lathering properties
  • Effective viscosity modifiers
  • Compatible with all surfactant types
  • Contribute mild detergency
  • Non-irritating to eyes and skin
  • Couple cationics into anionic based systems
  • Hard water and soap tolerant


  • Shampoos
  • Bath products
  • Hand and facial cleansers
  • Baby wipes
  • Mild personal care products
  • Food preparation area cleaners
  • Hospital cleaners
  • Hard surface cleaners