INCI: Oleamidopropyl Betaine

Description: Mild Amphoteric Surfactant

CAS: 25054-76-6

Regulatory: Canada (DSL); US (TSCA); Australia (AICIS); China (IECSC/IECIC), Philippines (PICCS); New Zealand (NZIOC)

Cola®Teric OAB is made from refined oil and is an excellent conditioning agent for both hair and skin care products. When combined with anionic surfactants it will impart a smooth “silky” feel to the hair or skin. Cola®Teric OAB offer outstanding viscosity building characteristics in anionic surfactant systems and can be used to replace commonly used ethoxylated and/or petrochemical-derived thickeners. For sulfate-free and amide-free systems, this product should be considered to enhance viscosity of the system. Cola®Teric OAB is biodegradable and is gentle to skin and eyes.


  • Effective PEG-free viscosity modifier, more effective than alkanolamides
  • Excellent foam stabilizer
  • Builds rich, creamy lather
  • Offers PEG-free emolliency benefits from rinse-off applications


  • Conditioning Shampoos - Light conditioning - PEG-free viscosity boosting - Foam stabilization
  • Baby Shampoo - Mild cleansing - PEG-free viscosity boosting
  • Liquid Hand and Body Washes - Improved skin feel - PEG-free viscosity boosting - Foam stabilization
  • Bubble Bath - Improved skin feel - Foam stabilization