MetalWorking Fluid Additives

Colonial Chemical provides a broad range of chemistries for industrial metalworking applications, each developed to address a function of specific equipment or processes, material compatibilities, environmental and regulatory requirements and budget targets. Colonial Chemical’s quality metal protecting fluids create an effective barrier between metal surfaces and corrosion-producing environments and are used to formulate soluble oil, semi-synthetic and full synthetic metalworking fluid concentrates.

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Corrosion Inhibitors

Oil and water soluble corrosion inhibitors are useful in a variety of applications, including additives for coolants, fuels, boiler water and other fluids to help protect interior metal and alloy surfaces.

Metalworking Additives

Colonial Chemical metalworking additives offer emulsification, lubrication, cleaning, wetting, and superior anti-wear properties for industrial formulations in diverse

Friction Reducing

Friction-reducing products from Colonial Chemical provide a persistent boundary of lubrication between moving parts for longer-lasting use in machined parts and gearboxes.

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